What is a ROAR!?

The ROAR!ROAR! came to me on May 23rd at 1:00am, part my own story, part Mother Earth’s. I had been heartsick over the oil spill in the Gulf. It seemed to me that our Mother was hemorrhaging and NO ONE was doing ANYTHING to help her. It made me sick, gave me nightmares, and, most importantly, woke me up to the atrocities that our culture has done to not only nature, but to women themselves.

I felt helpless, vulnerable, scared and weak because there was nothing I felt I could do to help Her. As this frustration built, a rumble began to stir within me. I yelled ENOUGH!, trying to stop the rumble. But then I realized that it was not to be stopped. The ENOUGH! was to be yelled not at me, but at them, those who created the leak. The rumbling inside of me was that of Mother calling my Name – asking me to do something, anything.

And so I did. I wrote ROAR!

I shared it on Facebook and instantly it went around the world, resonating with hundreds of women, men, and children. It was a powerful moment… a lesson for me in how energy works. By staking my claim of ENOUGH! I started a stir – a union of ENOUGH! that was felt worldwide.
Here is what I learned from ROAR!

I learned that when we stand up and give voice to our truth… when we declare to the Universe what we are no longer willing to tolerate… when we energetically tell the world we have had ENOUGH! of that which serves us NO MORE!, we change our own lives. We change the world.

The women shouted "ENOUGH!" Our ENOUGH! is that pebble in the water. Our energetic declaration sends out a wave of hope, love, and commitment to SELF that no one can deny when they feel it. In that moment, when we stake our claim of ENOUGH! and ROAR!, “NO MORE!” all those around us change. Why? Because we have.

This September 2012, ROAR! with Cinda is partnering with Wild Sister Magazine to create 30 Days of ROAR!

Our intention is to help wake up thousands of women, men and children around the globe; empower them to Stand Up and To Give Voice To their Truth. We are asking you to join us in this Global ROAR!

What is a ROAR!?

A ROAR! is NOT a battle cry. It is a cry for boundaries. It is an energetic declaration which stems from the LOVE and PROTECTION of your SPIRIT, of YOU! We are NOT sending hate or trying to change others, we are sending out our desire to be healthy and happy. In other words, before we can heal the planet, we need to focus on healing ourselves first. We need to look deep within and recognize that which serves us NO MORE!

Are you in an unhealthy relationship? Have you been living in prolonged grief? Are you tired of being disrespected and mistreated because of your race, your sex, your sexual preference, your age, your religious beliefs? Are you living a life of stagnant creativity? Are you exhausted by a dead-end job? Do you have a chronic illness you are ‘sick of’? Whatever it is… declare ENOUGH!

Your ROAR! is a declaration that you are DONE, have had ENOUGH!, will NO LONGER TOLERATE ______! (you fill in the blank.)

So plant your feet to the ground, straighten your back, build up your energy, and surround it with golden light (THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT). With this energy that has built up, you should feel warm and powerful, you should feel it in your solar plexus, that region behind your belly button and under your rib cage – this is your power source.

Then declare it, feel it, demand it, yell it, cry it, growl it, write it, sing it, whisper it, think it, pray it, cart wheel it down the beach or in your backyard. There is no right or wrong way to ROAR! As long as it comes from you and is for you and your well-being.

Then, when it is over, after you have ROAR!-ed your mighty ROAR!, replace it with that which is beautiful. Bring in the light of peace, of joy, of surrender, of gratitude. Bring into your body the love of all that is right in the world, your world. Let this swirl around inside you and fill up the empty holes where your ROAR! released years, if not a lifetime, of pain and suffering. Then smile and send that out into the world too.

You see, you are that pebble in the water. Those consecutive rings are your energy of ROAR! and your LOVE! that you just sent out in front, beside and behind you. So, no matter which way you turn, you walk into the future you created.

The future YOU created.

On September 1, 2012 start sharing your ROAR! with Wild Sister Magazine and ROAR! with Cinda. Tweet it, Facebook it, Pinterest it, Blog it, video it, photograph it. We are ready and prepared to hold sacred space for you as you prepare to change your world.

Are you ready? Get Set…. ROAR!

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