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After reading the article ROAR! by Cinda Lonsway in the September edition of the Wild Sister e-zine, I was so moved by that article.  It touched me emotionally in such a way, I felt like I had to contribute something, anything, in any way that I could to help in this world wide movement of bringing the women of this planet together to ROAR! in one united voice.

After giving it some thought as to exactly what could I do, I decided I would dedicate my Facebook site to this movement.  I am in the process of gathering as many Facebook sites as I can find that are participating in the Empowerment of Women and their causes and posting their link on my facebook page. I am also in the process of creating a page especially dedicated to acknowledge the women that are furthering this cause and their websites.

The Wild Sister ROAR! edition and the inspiring stories I read was so exciting and uplifting I congratulate all the women that made a contribution to it’s creation. Thank you so much.


Visit my Facebook page and let me know if you have a site I can share:

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  1. Janette,
    I am so grateful for you courage and your support. Your idea to gather all groups together is a fantastic one. I am honored to be part of the beginning of your list. Thank you for sharing with us your ROAR!, your journey, your heart, and your power! Please keep us posted! Cinda

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