We ARE Love by Cinda Stevens Lonsway

Love OverFlowing by Manon Doyle

Love OverFlowing by Manon Doyle

“It must be frustrating to be dark energy right now . . .”  ~Doreen Virtue

When we feel lost and alone, when things seem their darkest and dreariest, when we are at a point that seems so low, so below, so like we can never breathe again, or see the light again, or allow our hearts to open to love again…..

We DO!  We unite, we stand, we smile, we sing, we take one step towards the light, and learn that we still love deeply and profoundly.  (Of course we do!  We grieve so much because we care so much!)

When tragedy happens to us (and it will happen again,) we need to know and we need to remember that LOVE and LIGHT and COMPASSION will always win.  The darkness doesn’t stand a chance.  It really doesn’t.

It would have a chance though, if we feed the energy of fear with the energy of our own fear.  If we get wrapped up in the drama and the manipulation by the media and our mind games, darkness thrives and feeds on that drama.  If we allow our anxieties to keep us in the darkness of our home, of our cars, of our beds, then darkness is ruling us.

But, darkness cannot live where there is light.

What is light?  Light is the glowing sensation that love creates within us. When we love, we glow both inside and outside.  It is that inside glow that we need to nurture.  As we allow this sensation of love to grow within us, and bring in the love of the Divine Spirit (whatever you consider that to be), mixing it together, we can create a light that can create miracles.  This love of self from self, mixed with the love of Spirit, gives us the power to rebel and repel the darkness.

It must be frustrating to be dark energy right now……

These tragedies around the world are uniting us as a single race of humans.  We all feel the same, we all love the same, and we all care for the safety of our children in the same way. Think about all that Love, all those Angels, and all that Divine Light being sent around the world right now.  Because we are standing up to the darkness and because we are not being sucked into the fear and the drama, the darkness has lost its hold.

Think about the power we have over darkness, simply because we care so deeply, love so fiercely, and pray so intently. Think about future tragedies that might be prevented if we continue to live and love this way from this point forward…..

So I invite you to be THAT woman, be THAT man, be THAT child, who wakes up in the morning and smiles, hugs, kisses, honors, holds sacred space, holds hands, and holds up another.  How can the darkness stand a chance over THAT kind of power?

That Power is Love and We ARE Love…..

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