Tommy T and the Pea That Got AWAY!!

Tommy T and the Pea That Got Away


Cinda Stevens Lonsway was inspired to write this rhyming story when her older son, then 2 years old decided he no longer wanted peas with his supper. He sent them flying everywhere. A week later, a random pea found its way back home. “Where have you been?” Cinda wondered and a story was born.

When her kids were young, she read this poem for their preschool and kindergarten classes. She would give each child a green puff ball attached to a string for them to toss around and participate in the pea’s adventure. The first printing of this book was a surprise gift to Cinda from her husband—he scored major points with her for doing so.

Cinda got her start as a writer when she was young by creating cards of gratitude and support to her friends and family. Her father labeled them “Cinda Cards.” She is an inspirational public speaker, workshop facilitator and author. But being a wife, mother of two now grown sons, a Golden Retriever and a high-maintenance cat owner are what really bring her joy. She lives in the Portland, Oregon area.

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