The 12 Keys of Spiritual Activism ~~~ by Humanity Healing Network


May these 12 Key steps activate your own activism, and help you to change the world one step at a time.  For when we can truly embrace these steps, we can truly change ourselves, our lives, and then those around us, which leads, to yes, changing the world….  and so I try, and I do, and I succeed, and I stumble – but I never ever stop!  

For I believe with my entire existence that THIS is the way to our salvation.  Those that do NOT follow these steps or steps like them will fail.  The old way is gone, this new way, the way of the feminine, is the only way to healing ourselves, our businesses, our country, our planet.  Cinda Stevens Lonsway 





The embrace of the path of Spiritual Activism enables individual or groups to develop the noble qualities of compassion, wisdom and gratitude. It is in itself a Path of Transformation.

We can shift our perspectives of reality through seeking service beyond self by practicing the Gifts of Service.

The core dynamic behind the Spiritual Keys are creativity, adaptability, understanding and the peaceful resolution of conflicts.

#1 – All Action MUST Be Based on Compassion:
When championing a Cause, mindset must be altruistic and the motivating emotion must be positive. Spiritual Activism is action for the benefit of something, not against something.

#2 – Compassion Flows From the Understanding Of the Connection Between All Living Beings:
We are all connected through our shared Humanity. Our action shift from one of “us helping them” to one of “for the good of All” – We become One.

#3 – Compassion Must be Applied With Wisdom: 
There are more Causes that exist than an individual or group can possibly be involved with. It is important to choose your causes carefully. Learn to Act instead of React.

#4 – Apply Synergy and Teamwork to Accomplish Goals:
Synergy is the process where two or more actions combine to produce an effect greater than the sum of its indivual parts. Whenever possible, team up with others to acquire a multifaceted and more holistic approach.

#5 – Spiritual Activism Is the Pursuit of Service for the Good of All, Not for the Advancement or Benefit of Individuals or Select Communities:
The mindset behind your actions must be noble, holistic, Universal and non-partisan. Be mindful that ego and self-service have no place in Spiritual Activism.

#6 – Pursue Integrity, Honesty and Dignity in the Conduct of Your Actions: 
Embrace Mindfulness in the application of your activities and be aware of how your actions may be perceived by others. Practice Spiritual Transparency, allowing negative energies to bypass your system without harming it.

#7 – Do Not Defame Your Detractors or Those Who Doubt You:
A confrontational approach leads to a defensive reaction. Approach others with Openness and Compassion your heart. Aspire to always be a Peacemaker.

#8 – Raising Another Up Raises You Up as Well:
Helping another becomes a form of self-love as well as an expression of outward love. This becomes an upwardly spiraling cycle of increasing awareness, connection, compassion, involvement, capacity, and back to increasing awareness.

#9 – Learn and Listen to Your Heart and Not Your Mind:
Your mind may only see the problem. Your heart will always feel the solution. Learn to act with Faith and cultivate a loving perception when facing collective problems.

#10 – Search Out Viable and Sustainable Solutions:
Seek out solutions that maintain or restores the dignity of individual humans and their communities. The goal of Spiritual Activism is to raise another up, not make them dependent.

#11 Do Not Judge Yourself Simply By the Results of Your Actions:
Maintain a sense of detachment as to overall results. Learn to see yourself not on where you have reached, but on the Path you are traveling. There is real fulfillment in just being called to serve humanitarian and spiritual causes.

#12 – Let Metta Be the Motivation for Your Actions:
If you cultivate Metta (the practice of loving-kindness) in your heart, you will succeed. The Intention that is the motivating force behind your actions is paramount. Start from a position of pure and altruistic Love.

Spiritual Activism is about reconnecting the concepts of personal spiritual growth and societal action.

From Humanity Healing Network
(transposed from their inspirational video: 
12 Keys Video )
(visit their website to learn more: Humanity Healing)

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