ROAR!ing for Women’s Values

It was when women’s value shifted from that of leader, policy maker

to recessive caregiver and hand holder that the world began devolving…

Valuing women’s ability to nurture is fine. They can.

Devaluing their insight, wisdom, voice in speaking for what would bring Good is NOT….

 THIS is my ROAR!

 This word cloud egg was created by the Women’s Grassroots Congress.  It represents the Values we as Women hold true and dear to our hearts.  Two days of intense conversation,decision making, and voting during the Women’s Grassroots Congress, we were able to come to a consensus of these values.

We called ourselves the Founding Mothers 

Our Mission:

The Mission of the United States Women’s Grassroots Congress is to hear women’s voices and to integrate their values into caring social, economic, political, educational, environment, cultural, and spiritual domains for the health and well-being of all.

Our Vision:

In envisioning a world where the diversity and sacredness of all life is honored and respected, we commit to support and act on those principles based on fundamental human values that women hold sacred.
Our Living Declaration:
We, the women of the United States Women’s Grassroots Congress, commit to the values described herein as the firm foundation from which our country evolves, now and for all future generations.

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  1. Sharon, I will always and forever be grateful for you invitation to participate in this event. To be able to call myself a “Founding Mother” will reside in my heart and spirit for years to come. We started something special, THAT can never be disputed or denied. We sent out into the world something special. With so much love and gratitude, Cinda

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