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Schedule a Building a Heart for Your TinMan- for businesses and entrepreneurs – Private Sessions, Groups, and Workshops are Available

TinWoman Red HeartBuilding a Heart for Your “TinMan” – Heart Centered Manifestations for Your Business with Cinda Stevens Lonsway

In today’s marketplace, how do you ensure that your business stands out? How do you find clients that need, want and desire what you have to offer?

How do you create a balanced relationship that is a win/win/win for all parties involved?

How do you continue to love your work and work in a continued state of enthusiasm, joy, and passion for what you do and provide for the world?

Joseph Campbell referred to a marriage as being two entities coming together and forming a third. He says that this third entity needs to be cared for as if it is a breathing, living force. The same is true with your business and clients. Your business is that third entity – you and your client come together, a relationship is formed and you adjust your business accordingly. Like a Venn Diagram, two circles intersecting, that intersecting is your business, it is your TinMan.

The TinMan didn’t have a heart, and I believe that many of us have created a business, but neglected to give it a life of its own. What would it mean to you if your business was a breathing, living entity, working with you and for you, even drawing to it clients that needed your services?

Building a Heart for Your “TinMan” is a four part exercise that will take you deep within to help you tap into your deepest hopes, dreams, needs, wants and desires for your business. This exercise will open your heart and in the process help you to begin to build a heart for your business. Building a Heart for Your “TinMan”.

The timing couldn’t be more important.

The timing couldn’t be more important. Right now, the Universal Energy surrounding our planet is in alignment with the energy of Heart Centered work. Tapping into this Heart Centered energy through meditations connecting your TinMan to your angels, guides, and ancestors, will help you find your heart’s innermost purpose. It will help you manifest all you have ever dreamed possible for your TinMan.

To have a business that stands out, you need to do things differently, find that secret of success that others are not aware of yet. Building a Heart for Your “TinMan” is THAT secret.


Schedule a Tapping Into Your Heart Center Ritual – Private Sessions, Groups, and Workshops are Available

Follow_My_heart_DSC00432_600finding your inner joy, peace, and life’s purpose, by listening to your heart

Your Heart’s deepest longing is to be heard.

Do you know what your heart is trying to tell you? Are you aware that the Universe’s energy right now supports all Heart Centered work?  Do you know how to tap into this energy and have it work for you?

Over a year ago, I was confused, misguided, and lost. I created a ritual to help me find clarity in my thoughts, and instead found that my heart had something to say. Everything became clear! When I tapped into the Universe’s energy, opportunities magically came my way.

This profound and powerful ritual will connect you to your angels, guides, and ancestors. These four meditations will take you deeper into your internal knowing and longing of your heart. By the end, you will have clarity and purpose for your life.


Past Workshops

by Manon Doyle


Schedule a ROAR! with Cinda — Private Sessions, Groups, and Workshops are Available.

Give Join in the ROAR!voice to your truth…  declare to the Universe what you are no longer willing to tolerate…  energetically tell the world you have had ENOUGH! of that which serves you NO MORE!   Change your own life. Change the world.

During our time together, I will create a safe environment where each person will declare their ENOUGH!

This ENOUGH! is that pebble in the water.  It is an energetic declaration which sends out a wave of hope, love, and commitment to SELF that no one can deny when they feel it.  In that moment, when you stake your claim of ENOUGH! and ROAR!, “NO MORE!” all those around you change.  Why?  Because you have.

Your ROAR! is a declaration that you are DONE, have had ENOUGH!, will NO LONGER TOLERATE ______! (you fill in the blank.)

At each session/workshop/retreat, Cinda, will custom design a powerful ritual for ROAR!

The cost of a ROAR! Workshop will depend on the size of the group, the distance of travel for Cinda, and the special requirements for each request.  The cost and will be mutually agreed on by both parties, and all of Cinda’s expenses will be paid for –travel, lodging, etc.

Are you Ready?  Get Set… ROAR!


Cinda at the Women’s Grassroots Congress
October, 2011