ROAR! with Cinda supports Sister Giant

ROAR! with Cinda supports Sister Giant from ROAR! with Cinda on Vimeo.

Sister Giant is about WOMEN, NON-VIOLENCE AND THE BIRTHING OF A NEW AMERICAN POLITICS. It takes place on NOVEMBER 10-11th, 2012 in Los Angeles.

Sister Giant is asking we women to ‘stand up and give voice to our truth’, it is asking us to ROAR!

ROAR! with Cinda is in complete support of what this movement and organization is doing and stands for.

This is the time. The time is NOW! We women need to decide once and for all, to take our bodies back, take our lives back, take our power back, and ensure that there is a safe and friendly and healthy world for our children and their children to live in.

Are you READY? Get SET…… ROAR!

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