ROAR! is so Bodacious!

It was so inspiring and freeing to spend some time in our ROAR workshop at the Awesome Women Hub event in Seattle.

My sister, Sharon, and I both attended and both commented on how as strong women we frequently worry that our ROAR is perceived as being a roaring bitch, rather than one of empowerment. Your beautiful statement of ROAR shifted that fear and changed our entire perspective providing a new sense of permission to stand up for ourselves and ROAR when needed without feeling the need to apologize.

Now whenever I have to call and complain about poor customer service, defective products or other such things, I shift my thoughts to ROARing and feel stronger and even a bit more focused in the real point of the communication….I deserve good service and respect and will assist others in providing it for me.

One of the main themes in my jewelry business, Bold Bodacious Jewelry, is empowering women through the energy of gemstones. There are stones to help empower your intuition, communication, sharing your light in the world, expressing love, but some of my favorites are the ones that inspire strength, action and a sense of empowerment. To that I have dedicated a collection of jewelry entitled “Get Your Bodacious on AKA ROAR”. Each piece is bold, bodacious and just a little bit fierce.

Thank you for shining a light and “Empowering Women to Stand Up and Give Voice to Their Truth”.

AnnaMariah with Bold Bodacious Jewelry,



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  1. AnnaMariah, I am so grateful to hear this!! It is so frustrating to be a strong woman, but be referred to as a bitch when we speak our truth. Your validation to this and how you are empowered now to speak up, matters, thank you! I remember seeing your ROAR! jewelry line for the first time, it was by accident and I was so touched in the story you tell on your site how ROAR! inspired some of your pieces. Love it!!! Thank you, Cinda

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