Painting the Canvas of My Life


See everyone, I have come to realize at a young age…. that I don’t want to wait until I am 40 to have some midlife crisis and then start living my life.  I am starting now because I am the author of this story :).

When I told my mom on Wed that I was booking a ticket to Boston on Friday, she looked at me and was like, “This is really out of character for you.”  And I was like, “Who is to say what my character is and who says I can’t change it?”:D

So, that is what I am doing…

I am going out into the world as a blank canvas because I can 🙂  On this canvas, my HEART will now pick the colors to paint with.

The moment I did this, was the moment I really began to live.

No fear; just love, light, and adventure!

Kahley Blakenship, 20 years old


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  1. Lovey, beautiful Kahley,
    What a powerhouse of wisdom you are at such a young age! I am very grateful that you trusted me with your powerful message of self-acceptance and growth. I am excited to see where your adventures take you, so please keep us posted. What a gem in the rough of life you are, thank you, Cinda

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