NO MORE! Mean People

Today, I’m roaring about Mean People — people that purposefully go out of their way to say cruel things about others; that take delight in cutting others down.

If only they could use that energy for good and to build others up as opposed to take them down. It makes me sad to see this behavior in people I considered friends.

NO MORE will I let them rail unfairly against others just to make themselves feel superior. If we can collectively “ROAR!” against this negative behavior, that positive energy we replace it with will grow and start to effect the world in politics, business and elsewhere.



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  1. B,
    I really appreciate what you say here. We have all been there, when others we are with speak meanly about others we care about, or maybe even those we don’t know – either way, it doesn’t feel good and it creates negative energy that affects everyone. If we were to follow your suggestion and think or behave in positive ways, it could really change things around, not just in our lives, but in others and in other aspects of our lives like our work, etc….. Good for you for recognizing and changing!!! Thank you, Cinda

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