Natalie’s ROAR!

ROAR! first came into my life a few years ago and I enjoyed it at the time but I was too caught up in external forces to fully manifest it.  I was led to read ROAR! again recently and this time I was ready, open and on board.  I am at such an amazing point of change and awakening in my life.  I feel ready to stand up and take charge, to go after what I want, and to trust the universe to guide me forward.

I am more independent than I have ever been and consequently more social and open to the beautiful people around me.  I can love without losing myself.  I can trust and know I will always be fine because I am at the center of my world.  I can roar and be drawn instinctually to those around me who are also roaring and we can weave a web of beauty and life.  I can travel the world alone, meeting friends at every point along the way.

I can say what is on my mind and be listened to and validated.  I can have sex and not be ashamed.  I can see possibility instead of just society.  I can be human and imperfect and beautiful because of it.  I can jump, create and fly.  I can roar and join the force of all those around me who are roaring or who want to roar.  I have done away with excuses, fought off fear, conquered convention and now I am truly here.

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  1. Natalie, I can’t tell how much I appreciate this ROAR! Your youth, your beauty, your brains, and most certainly your bravery are all here. You represent so many young women and I am excited to see/hear how your ROAR! will affect their lives. You have given permission for women to LIVE! Thank you, Cinda

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