Just ROAR!


“Just Roar” … when you’re energy is low ♥

“Just Roar” … when you need to feel strong & confident ♥

“Just Roar” … when it’s time to get really CLEAR about your boundaries ♥

… in 1984 I gave birth to my son at home, co-founded a women’s ritual group and began my spiritual sojourn to reawaken and embody the Powerful, Sacred Feminine.

Back then, we whispered the goddess’s many names and were even dismissed by otherwise ‘feminist’ academics.

Today, we are here, leading the awakening! What a time to be alive, eh?

Here’s how I’m helping people (mostly women) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GI0tk7e9Whw

And here’s how I help with the technology struggles so many of our wise teachers deal with when it comes to sharing their message: http://marketingwithheart.org/

Dawn DelVecchio


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  1. Dawn, this is so wonderful!! Thank you! In just a few simple steps you defined what it means to ROAR! You may have made it seem simple, but when a leader like you, making a difference in women’s lives, like you do, ROAR!s it is far from simple, it is POWERFUL!!!!

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