A Wild Sister ROAR!s

The fist time I read ROAR! I was overcome with such powerful emotions. I felt empowered, I felt connected, and I felt so relieved that finally someone had been able to express feminine divinity and our potential as women so eloquently, so clearly. r

I was immediately inspired to share my ROAR! and it resulted in one my most powerful and most acclaimed piece of writing yet. I have no doubt that reading ROAR! was one of the turning points in my life that eventually lead to the creation of Wild Sister Magazine.

Jen Saunders, Editor and Chief, Founder of Wild Sister Magazine www.wildsister.com and My Smiling Heart Blog

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  1. Jen, this is so exciting to hear!!! I am grateful that you shared how ROAR! inspired you, God knows how Wild Sister Magazine has inspired me and so many! It has been an honor to be part of the Wild Sisterhood!! Thank you my friend, thank you, Cinda

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