It’s About Time!

I met Cinda only a few years ago and she has been source of inspiration to me since.
When Cinda wrote ROAR! and showed it to me, I could only think “it’s about time!”.  It’s about time someone took the lead and started a movement that does not focus on controversy or conflict, but one that builds a better environment and opportunities for people.  It’s about time that constructive voice is being “Roared” out.

As ROAR! grows so does our society and the well-being of both genders and all ages.  This is a powerful and important message to everyone.  All you have to do is ROAR!.






    After reading the article ROAR by Cinda Lonsway in the September edition of the Wild Sister ezine I was so moved by that article, it touched me emotionally in such a way I felt like I had to contribute something, anything in any way that I could to help in this world wide movement of bringing the women of this planet together to ROAR in one united voice. After giving it some thought as to exactly what could I do, I decided I would dedicate my Facebook site to this movement. I am in the process of gathering as many Facebook sites as I can find that are participating in the Empowerment of Women and their causes and posting their link on my facebook page. I am also in the process of creating a page especially dedicated to acknowledge the women that are furthering this cause and their web sites. The Wild Sister ROAR edition and the inspiring stories I read was so exciting and uplifting I congratulate all the women that made a contribution to it’s creation. Thank you so much.

  2. Kyle, how honored and touched I am by your words. You have been with me from the beginning and I love you for all the support you have shown me throughout the last few years. Here is a clink of a cold beer and a cheers to good friends both with a fabulous future ahead of them. C

  3. Janette, I will send you a private email, but I want to thank you so much for your powerful idea to gather women who are trying to make a difference. In my email to you, I am asking if I can take your letter and post it as an individual ROAR!? I would love people to know you and follow you! Cinda

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