iPhone 5 or iDol? Where Does Your Heart Lie?


The cell phone is a tool to communicate, not an idol. The mass hysteria over a tin can offers us a deep insight into where the heart of many lies. If you were obsessed over the new refrigerator that came out, I am sure you would look at your own heart and wonder why you are going crazy over a big cold plastic cabinet?
Why do you think the universe is rebooting this winter solstice? Humanity has shifted priorities to loving all that will not follow us out of this life. We are the farthest away from our deep connection than ever. I ask you to evaluate your heart, where do you want to put your energy? A tin can that isn’t even available? What about spending that energy into your soul and find out what it is you truly love? If you spend everyday living in your heart, the most amazing love will radiate all you need in your reality. There is no possession that will ever radiate the core of your soul and bring you infinite gifts into your life.


Take a look at our news. We make the iPhone a top story in our lives. What if every day was a story of how we can be better people? Expand the lives of everyone around us and rebuild our world to be the most beautiful place? The system of our world shows us in plain view where priorities are.


Wars, Politics, Money and good ole iPhones. Are you part of that?


David Palmer:  Reality TV Star, Astrologer, DJ  http://www.david-palmer.com/

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  1. Okay David,
    This is FUN and FUNNY!!! And yet the power in which you speak and the message you really are telling us is not just fun and games, it is serious and we need to listen and pay attention. Where is our heart? you ask us to consider. You are right, it shouldn’t be with the STUFF, it needs to be with the people and the places and the beauty of life that surrounds us. Thank you for the wake up call. Thank you for sharing it here too! Cinda

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