I ROAR! in Amman, Jordan


Thank you Cinda,

Your words are super powerful ’cause they get into my ear, they touched the deep my heart where (at some point) we are all connected, where we can feel our stillness.

The sensation that I’ve received from your ROAR!ing is becoming stronger every day, and the whispering is being real, no way to stop it! Just like sea, we are coherent like water and we will NEVER stop waving even when we are heard..!

I’ve been ROAR!ing since a year, when a wise woman, away thousands of miles, whispered to me “ROAR!”

Among that time, I was reading many self development books, so I decided to change myself then I start ROAR!ing to my mother, my sister, my best friends… some responded “ROAR!”, some whispered “ROAR!”, some (like my mum) moved to achieve the purpose of ROAR!ing ’cause they believe in deeds, some were scared of ROAR!ing, some threw a laugh, turned away and didn’t look back! They didn’t know that the power of all is stronger than the impossible itself.

Every woman has her own respect, every lady has her own gift, every girl has her own dreams, if we work on the little details, we would have done many big things. As a 22 years old girl from the Middle East can “ROAR!” so you can “ROAR!” too, ’cause it’s never about the age, it’s about the aliveness inside. ROAR!

Love and peace.  EsRa’a Alsadeq,  Amman, Jordan

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  1. EsRa’a, to my sister in Jordan. We have established a friendship across oceans, across deserts, across religions, and across cultures. You are a mighty warrior, a brave spirit, a kind generous soul. You have embraced ROAR! and shared it among your family and friends. You know there is something you need/must do – and you need to know that whatever it may be, I will hold sacred space for you, we all will, as you begin to find your voice and help others as well. Love be with you, for Love is all that really matters. With gratitude, Cinda

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