I Know Now — A Woman’s Healing

“I know now that there is hope after violence… that can lead to victory. There is healing after trauma… that can lead to truth.”

I Know Now -- A Woman's Healing coverThis is a three-part story of survival, healing and profound spiritual awakening.

On a cold autumn night in 1981, 19-year-old Cinda wakes to a stranger. He attacks. For three hours, she uses her wits to defend and prevent his multiple attempts to rape and kill her. After she tricks him into leaving, another real nightmare begins. Fear-filled days and weeks of suspense follow as the perpetrator stalks her. Despite the dedicated work of police and a caring detective, attempts to catch him are unsuccessful.

After years of pretending the incident never happened, a storm of events crashes into Cinda’s life bringing with it horrific memories. Now a mother of two young children, Cinda tries to keep her family safe as the unresolved trauma surfaces. Struggling with a sense of endangerment, vulnerability and fragile sanity, she collapses in despair and surrenders to her demons. But, instead of the devil, a benevolent power shows up. Mystical and magical forces guide her through a profound ritual of healing.

Now in mid-life, Cinda is once again awakened in the middle of the night. This time she is not afraid. She hears a message: “It is time. Look for the signs.” She spends the next two years looking back over her life using a process she calls ‘sacred insight.’ What she learns, and the signs she finds, reveals profound truths.

Did you know that signs are everywhere and occur for everyone?

A story of survival, sacred healing and profound awakening, this memoir is filled with wisdom and insight. Cinda’s story can save lives, enable healing and bring about spiritual enlightenment. For women who are seeking to overcome trauma, engage their healing process and live with attention, intention and joy, this book, I Know Now is your story.

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