Horses Help Us ROAR!


If you are not doing ____ then you are being _____.

Who are you when you stop acting in ways that you think people expect or know you as?

Who are you when no one is looking or think no one is paying attention?

This is your being.

This is who the horses see, the person underneath, the person you ARE.  This is why working with them is so powerful!  They help guide you to your heart & soul, the true you.  The horse doesn’t care about your shoes, jeans brand or if you washed your hair.  They see your Heart & that is what they respond to.

Jessica Baker, Equine Inspired Coach: providing workshops, retreats and one-on-one intensives with Horses.

Her website is or 503-610-8344





  1. Jessica, I love, love, love how you have found your vehicle in sharing your message and I love, love, love that your vehicle of choice is the horse. Horses are the gentle giants, the wise wondrous souls on this planet. They are patient and kind, loving and powerful friends. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with horses with us! With gratitude, Cinda

    • Thank you Cinda. And thank you for providing a place to share that message. Jessica

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