Heart Centered Ritual

Heart Centered Ritual

Finding your inner joy, peace, and life’s purpose, by listening to your heart

Your Heart’s deepest longing is to be heard.

Do you know what your heart is trying to tell you? Are you aware that the Universe’s energy right now supports all Heart Centered work?  Do you know how to tap into this energy and have it work for you?

Over a year ago, I was confused, misguided, and lost. I created a ritual to help me find clarity in my thoughts, and instead found that my heart had something to say. Everything became clear! When I tapped into the Universe’s energy, opportunities magically came my way.

This profound and powerful ritual will connect you to your angels, guides, and ancestors. These four meditations will take you deeper into your internal knowing and longing of your heart. By the end, you will have clarity and purpose for your life.

Schedule a Tapping Into Your Heart Center Ritual – Private Sessions, Groups, and Workshops are Available. Each session could take up to 3 hours. Cost is $111.00 per person.

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