From Listening to ROAR!ing


One of the most precious gifts I have ever received was the privilege and thrill of helping Cinda a tiny bit with editing the ROAR!  Although the words are from her, the message is through her.

As we worked, I felt the ROAR! of my own spirit awakening, and becoming bolder.  I am continuing to transition from being in the “listen” mode to the “ROAR!” mode.  I may be 73 years old, but I still find that among the deepest pleasures of life are learning and growing.

Yes, ROAR! changed my life.
I roar for children and for their right to understand and speak.
I roar for women and their right to demand justice and equality.
I roar for Mother Nature, and against the insulting rape of the Planet.
And I have learned to tell my ego to shut up.

Love –  Serenity – Peace… roar for them too, with me.

Mavis Nickels,
Battle School School Board Director, Founder of The Village Ecosystem Challenge

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  1. Mavis, Love – Serenity – Peace – let’s ROAR! for them too! Thank you, thank you for being part of my journey. For being there when I needed you the most, and holding sacred space for me while I am on this journey. This journey would not be the same without your support. Out friendship is ancient, I am sure of that, our love is deep and everlasting. Thank you for taking the time to post this ROAR! We are most certainly ROAR!ing together, Cinda

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