I Took a Stand!


Three years ago this month I took a stand and decided I would never work for anyone but myself, ever again. I spent years working for employers who did not understand my profession. Employers who were demanding, self-centered, and hypocritical.

I took a stand when my job was outsourced. I took a stand against employers who asked for increasingly more, no matter how much you gave. I took a stand against employers who claimed they treasured their employees above all else, but then treated them badly.

Instead, at this crucial point in my career, I decided to stand for myself. I decided that the only person who will treasure me as an employee would be me. I decided the only employer I would trust enough with my well being would be myself. I am the only one in charge of making sure my career flourished and thrived.

As a result of my decision to take a stand and ROAR!, I am now the owner of a successful business. A business that truly cares about my customers and does the right thing to make sure they are taken care of. I work harder now than ever before, but it is satisfying to know that the only person in total charge of my destiny is myself. I am now happier than ever before, and I sleep through the night without tossing and turning.

Three years ago when I took that stand, ROAR! had not been written. Thank goodness for Cinda who wrote the incredible article titled ROAR!, and for giving all of us a word and a concept to describe what we had done, or what we wanted to do.

Mary Burger, Computer Diva with more than 25 years in the IT industry, she has a wealth of experience diagnosing and curing every strain of computer disorder and is ready to come to your rescue to solve your technology problems.


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  1. Mary, thank you!!! What a powerful life changing moment for you! There is no doubt that the success you have experienced being on your own is because of that energetic decision you made to take a stand against working for a corporation and taking a stand against their lack of morals. I wish you continued success. With gratitude, Cinda

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