Cinda on the PDX Small Business Network Podcast

On June 20, 2018 Cinda was interviewed by Lindsay of the Portland Small Business Network Podcast. Here is the intro from their website.

Being forthcoming about the struggles we go through in our personal lives might be hard at first, but as the journey continues, we can find just how much sharing a story can help others cope with their own demons. Regardless of what you believe, and how you feel, helping people discover that they can be more than whatever has happened to them is a pretty big step in the right direction, and that’s exactly what our guest this week is here to talk about.

Cinda Stevens Lonsway is an author from the Portland area, and she’s seen her fair share of struggles, trials, and tribulations. In this episode, Cinda regales us with what she’s been through, how it affected her personal life, and how she helped herself—and others—by finding what she believes was her true calling. (Before we start, allow me to mention the inclusion of triggering themes that Cinda discusses, including violence, PTSD, and potential rape.)

Listen to the Podcast

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