Calling All Women!! by Cinda Stevens Lonsway


Calling All Women
by Cinda Stevens Lonsway – January 2013
Wild Sister Magazine February Issue

Calling all Women!

Calling all Victims!

Calling all the battered and the tattered, the poked and the prodded, the burnt and the spent, the lonely and those never left alone.

We are so much more that what has happened to us.

We are so much more than our broken bodies, our burnt faces, our torn insides, our tortured hearts.

We are so much more than our mutilation, our tied up wrists, our taped up mouths (be it literally or figuratively).

We are so much more than our illness, our disease, our labels, our medications.

We are so much more than what has happened to us.

What happened to our bodies will heal.  We are miracles that way, if we give it a chance.  Even if our body were hurt, broken, bent or bound – sick, weak, wrecked or wringed out – it will heal itself when cared for and honored, loved and nourished.  Our bodies know how to heal and restore, reconnect and re-grow…  sometimes without a trace of what had happened, and sometimes with a scar so precious, it is just a reminder, but the pain of the injury vanished with the healing.

Our mind is another story, though.  Our mind holds on to the pain, holds on to the suffering.  Our mind wants to relive what our bodies have long healed and let go.   If you have been a victim of a crime, or the keeper of a terminal illness, this is where the pain and suffering really lie in wait…. in nightmares…. in therapy….  waiting to be revisited, reviewed, played back over and over again – a form of personal, self inflicted torture.

Years of counseling might help.  Years of medicating might help.  Time might help.  We know time will heal, at least our bodies… but not always our mind.  As time goes on…. we may forget (not likely), we may forgive (hopefully), and we will move on… life always keeps us moving forward.  BUT the true healing is in the understanding that NOTHING can ever, can never, harm or hurt or kill our Spirit.

If we don’t focus our healing equally on the Body, Mind, and Spirit, we won’t heal completely.  If we depend on only the doctors to heal our body and don’t focus on the mind and emotions, or vice versa, we won’t heal completely.  If we only focus on the mind and body and not the Spirit, we just won’t heal. Period.

By honoring and giving equal time to our Spirit, we will rise above what happened to us and begin a new journey into complete wholeness and wellness.  Our Spirit, our center, our core of who we really and truly are, cannot be harmed, hurt, sickened or weakened.  Our Spirit is grand and glorious and just waiting for us to recognize it.


What is our Spirit? How do we tap into this magnificence?  Our Spirit is the observer.  It is that within you that is watching your body heal…. seeing that scar grow smaller.  It is the one within you that is listening to your story… hearing your words…. watching you relive the horror , and feeling your emotions over and over again as you revisit the past, or an unknown future.

Our Spirit is the light that lives, the love that shines, the peace that resides, the grace and glory of the God that is within us.  It is the love we feel for our children when they are born.  It is the love that warms our insides when we see something beautiful.  It is the love that misses our loved ones when they are away from us.  It is love.

Our Spirit is our core of who we really, truly are. It is our insides that are not physical, our outsides that are not seen, our love center that is felt, our connection to something bigger and greater… beyond us and yet within us.  We access this power through thinking, breathing, living love.  A growing of the glowing within us that is like nothing else ever.  You know it when you feel it.

Once we recognize what our Spirit is… once we know how to access it through love of self, others, and planet… we can begin to create miracles of healing we had never considered possible before.

We are so much more than what happened to us.

Our humanness is evolving. We are evolving from a mind focused way of living to a heart centered way of being.

Our heart center is where our Spirit resides.  Our mind loosens its grasp on us when we tap into this heart center.  We are no longer controlled by our story, by our mind games, by our emotions nor by our past, when we give the power over to our Spirit.

We are no longer controlled by what happened to us.  Our bodies will heal, our minds will no longer be allowed to hold on to the trauma and drama, because our Spirit is growing, expanding, and loving us to complete wholeness.

If we learn to accept this, understand this, believe in this… THIS being Spirit…  THIS Spirit being us…  THIS us being God….we will be healed from what has happened to us.  No one, no-where, no how, will ever be able to control us, rule over us, defeat us, belittle us again.  No illness, no label, no medication will define us and deny us from our healing.

We are moving into a new realm of being done with the mind games and instead choosing to play in a field of possibilities of light and love, connection and grace, beauty and inner peace.  We are choosing to love ourselves. We are choosing to live in a world where Spirit rules within.

When Spirit rules within, that Spirit reaches beyond just you… it begins to change the world around you, and miracles happen.

I was inspired to write this while in Arizona looking at the contrast of a prickly cactus and the curves of a lovely tree.   But the phrase, “we are not what happened to us” is taken from a ROAR! that Mary Joy Wadkins posted on my website.  Her ROAR! is powerful and I suggest that you take the time to read it.     Cinda

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