Be The Cause of Miracle

When we believe in our own power, we can BE the cause of a miracle…we can create change in our life and others. When we unite with others, under the umbrella of the same intention…miracles happen, change occurs.

Be the Cause of a Miracle:

What is a miracle? Do you believe in miracles? Have you witnessed or been the receiver of a miracle?  How can you cause a miracle?

Create Change for Self and Other:

Can you ask for a miracle for another? Can you create change for another because of a miracle? Do you have the courage to ask others to help you with a miracle?

Miracles Can Happen:

  1. When you become aware of your personal energy,
  2. When you know where energetic blocks are and clear them,
  3. When you raise your vibration to the level of the Divine,
  4. When you pray/ask/receive from your highest Chakra,
  5. When you ground yourself into the Earth and reach for the sky.

Change Occurs:

  1. When we believe,
  2. When we ask,
  3. When we unite,
  4. When we expect,
  5. When we know it is for the Highest Good of All

This profound and life-altering ritual walks you through removing your energetic blocks, guides you to tap into the powers of your higher Chakras and deeper energies found inside of the Divine Feminine/Mother Earth. You will learn how to utilize the higher energies to ask for a Miracle, be it for health, professional or emotional healing for Self and/or Other. You will use this time to connect with Mother Nature’s ELEMENTS to support your own needs and help balance out the confusion of the planet.

Start Your Miracle