A ROAR!ing Influence by Sharon Duerst


I heard it–the whisper growing to a roar, the rhythm pounding. It was Cinda’s voice filled with passion, love, inspiration, courage. The strength of the words swept us up. Our energies merged as we listened, shifting us from individual perspectives to a collective of hearts and minds. Strung together with a supporting strand of compassion, we shared some of our pain, and our hopes. And we did not feel bare. We were shored up, more than a diverse group of women just meeting at the Awesome Women Hub in Seattle for an October 2011 weekend. We shared, laughed, cried, ate. Later, we hugged warm goodbyes.

The weekend was good for me. Affirming.Not earth shaking, not life changing it seemed. But over the next weeks and months, I often recalled the women, our expressions, and the sense of an immutable bond of commonality. As problems arose in my life, I was strangely decisive. And I was unwilling to accept lame excuses, placating remarks, shoddy service and behavior. I did not doubt my authority or right to point out discrepancies where I found them. I did not worry how my objections would be viewed. I stood in my truth – willing to take on whatever would come. Even when I did not feel peaceful about taking a stance, I found a voice. And I followed up with action. It felt easier, as if I had a ring of support around me. Little things I had let slide time and again suddenly were dealt with calmly and without second guessing.

Change is in the words, the rhythm, the sounding of ROAR. Read it. Own it. Spread the spark…

Sharon Duerst
Author of “Mending the Stone”