We Were Women First…. by Cinda Stevens Lonsway

Artwork by Manon Doyle,  Sisters of the Sun, titled “Shine”

Before we were Wives and Mothers,

Before we were Republicans or Democrats,

Before we were Conservative or Liberal…. Right or Left

Before we were Christian, Muslim, or Jewish….

We were Women.



ALL Women,

I ask you to Stand Up and Give Voice to Your Truth.


I ask you to represent yourself as a WOMAN first and foremost.

I ask that you honor who you are as a woman.

I ask that you DEMAND all the rights you DESERVE as a woman.

I ask that you DO NOT give your rights over…

to your politician,

to your political side,

to your chaplain (or equivalent),

to your husband,

to your child.


For if we women are held silent,

if we women are not allowed to chose…

our own path,

our own destiny,

our OWN lives,

the world WILL suffer greatly.


We are the Solution.

We are the Answer.

We are the LOVE,

the Nurturer,

the Wisdom,

the Grace.


We are the Healers.

We are the Power.

We HAVE the Power.


We NEED to recognize IT in ourselves first,

DEMAND it out of others second.


We NEED to unite as SISTERS.

For the sake of EVERYONE!


It is time….

The time is NOW!


Are you READY?  Get SET…. ROAR!

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