I’m Eleven and I ROAR!

ROAR! is really inspiring.

I remember a time when I was probably 9, in Idaho Falls (at least i think it was Idaho Falls) for my brother’s baseball tournament, and in between games we were walking by the river. I was holding my mom’s hand, and I saw some oily stuff in the river and some trash on the sides and I got mad so I squeezed her hand, then she told me all about ROAR!, and I was in awe of all of it.

I have watched the “Voices” Nike http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f1ighxU1vYw commercial at least 5 times.

It’s so true that all of the things you wrote about have been over looked for too long. I love the fact that it started out as an amazing article, and now the more and more people see it, the bigger it’s all becoming to be!

Thanks again for sharing!

Miranda, age 11

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  1. Miranda, what a great story you shared here. I love that your mother told you about ROAR! and that now you know what a ROAR! is. I love that you have found other inspiration in your life to help guide and empower you. If all our youth could be this insightful, we’d have a amazing future ahead of us. Thank you my dear, you are a treasure among us, Cinda

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