Wild Sister Magazine’s First Birthday

Wild Sister Magazine first anniversary issue

Wild Sister Magazine first anniversary issue

Welcome to Wild Sister Issue 13!

I have had the honor of writing for Wild Sister since its conception one year ago and I have loved, loved, loved every minute of it. I first met editor, Jen Saunders through her blog My Smiling Heart She had shared ROAR! on it, and had contacted me to say it was attracting a lot of attention.  She was living in China, of all places, at the time and started Wild Sister while she was living there. She then moved back to home country of Australia, taking Wild Sisters with her.

In this issue of Wild Sister, the theme is Making Dreams Come True.

I was way busy with my oldest, Eric, graduating from high school and all the volunteer work that goes into that, when you are a PTA mom like I am. So, I didn’t have an article to turn in. Instead I offered Jen a video I had taken on my smart phone.

It is a video of my sacred and secret place I found with my dog, Maggie, along the Tualatin River.  This place – on the boulder I sit, with the sound of the river, and the birds of all kinds keeping my dog occupied, I ground myself and come back to center.  When I leave, I am back in the flow of my life and willing and ready to take on all the gifts the universe has ready to provide for me. This is about as close to making dreams come true as I can get, so I am grateful that Jen loved it, I hope you do to.

Wild Sister EbookThe other bonus, and this is BIG!!!, is when you subscribe to this issue, you will receive a free ebook that  Jen put together called “The Wild Sister Guide to Changing the World” and I am one of ten featured women!!! What a surprise and an honor.

So, subscribe here:
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