No Longer Puzzled by the Lion’s Roar

Sharon Riegie Maynard

Sharon Riegie Maynard

It was spring of 1997 on the beautiful Orcas Island of Washington state that I first heard the voice of Mother Earth.

Depleted from a 2 year journey of 24-7 care to assist the recovery of my youngest daughter from a head on collision,  I so needed to be held by nature to rest.

Sitting on a grassy knoll overlooking the water, I heard Mother’s voice, warm, gentle, and oh so powerful.

“I greet you, my little one. We are here for you. I am calling my daughters. I sit within a circle of women, the Golden Dragons who have held truth for women. We are ready to run with the wolves and roar like the lions.  You are magnificent, you are needed.”

I understood the “run with wolves part” and was puzzled with the lion’s roar.

It was in August 2012 that I heard Cinda’ Steven’s Lonsway, ROAR, and my memory of the Golden Dragons surfaced.  “I have been holding space and waiting 15 years for you!” I told her.

Women are on the move. They are ready to run with the wolves, roar with the lions and be in circle with the Golden Dragons leading our world into the Good for all.

I have seen the power of ROAR. My greatest hope is that it will ripple within every woman’s heart, home, community, country and world. I know that women’s ROARS are critical to changing our world.

Sharon Riegie Maynard


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  1. Sharon, because of you, and because of this story, which you only touch on a bit here, I am doing what I am doing. You attend my second workshop, approached me with your message of having been waiting 15 years for me/ROAR! and I took you seriously. I trust you completely, I love you fully. You are a blessing to so many. A powerful force in this world and I am so honored to call you friend and mentor, teacher and leader. Thank you for sharing your story here, Cinda

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