Inspirational Author and Speaker

Divine Empowerer and Freedom Wayshower


“Bring to me those whom I can serve. Give me the wisdom to serve them well,” my daily affirmation.


My daily prayer is to be of service. My hope is to ease your suffering. I have many spiritual tools I can use, but leaning in and listening to your story, I hear and understand more than what you say. I then create a ritual of healing which is unique for you—a combination of what I know has worked for others and/or something totally new. My respect, love and devotion for the angelic realm, plays a significant role in the work I do.

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7 Days
of Grace

7 Days of Grace

Seven Days, Seven Weeks, Seven Rituals

It is time to introduce Grace Consciousness to the Collective!  Let’s work together to bring heaven down to earth. The world needs those who are willing and ready to become the Light Carriers, Axis Balancers, Peace Keepers, Instantaneous Healers, Energy Transformers, Divine Love Spreaders…. to accept Grace’s call and send Grace’s energy where it is needed. This is me listening to that call and sharing what I’ve learned from this Divine Feminine power called Grace.

Over the span of 7 days, spread out through 7 weeks, each day offering one of 7 rituals to engage and activate your 7 Grace centers. All sessions are held over Zoom.​

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“Show Up. Listen. Learn. Share. Be open and ready for Grace.” my heart’s message to me.


In a heartbeat, the trajectory of my life changed. I took my writing and speaking seriously. Every word; chosen with love and care. Every expression; filled and backed with meaning. Every sentence; designed for a deeper connection. The connection between Grace and the world. Words are energy. They are powerful. My intention is to use my word to help inspire and heal.

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