I know now that there is hope after violence...
that can lead to victory.

There is healing after trauma... that can lead to truth.

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It began as a whisper, of one woman leaning into the ear of another, “Do you feel it?” she asked.

Then whispered to another, “Do you feel it?” and it began to spread, this whisper, from one woman to another, to another, whispering, “Do you feel it? Do you feel it?”
The question was asked, once, then twice, then ten hundred whispers around the world; women wondering what it was they were feeling. The whispering pulsed as the need for the answer grew. “Do you feel it?”

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Cinda’s Calling

Cinda Has a Theory“Please bring me those whom I can serve and give me the wisdom to serve them well.” my New Moon prayer.

What does it mean to have A Calling? For me, A Calling is when I make a choice to do and live in a way that is in alignment with my inner spirit and with Spirit. My Calling includes working with others to help them find theirs. When I feel I’m out of alignment, I create unique rituals to guide me back to center. These rituals then become part of the services I provide. My respect and love for the angelic plays a significant role in the work I do.

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I Know Now

“I want my word to matter,” my heart’s message to me.

During a ritual I created to find out what I really needed and wanted in life, my heart started talking to me. In a heartbeat, the trajectory of my life changed. I took my writing seriously.
I KNOW NOW— A Woman’s Healing: Violence to Victory, Trauma to Truth is the book that wanted to be written over all the others. It took three years of courage to write this, but now that it is done and my word is out there. My prayer is that this book will touch you in ways that the story has changed me.

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